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Reflexology is the gentle stimulation of the feet's reflexes to bring about a state of deep relaxation

Pregnancy is an exciting time. Having a baby will bring plenty of wonderful experiences and new challenges.

Reflexology will support you, throughout your pregnancy, optimise your health and ease you through your pregnancy.

History of Reflexology

In the 20th century Dr. William Fitzgerald, a nose and throat specialist, developed the modern zone therapy. He offered proof that by applying pressure to any area of the body could anesthetize a corresponding part of the body. History of reflexology

In the 1930’s Eunice Ingham, a physiotherapist, working with the zone therapy, discovered the zones that ran throughout the whole body and could be accessed from anywhere. She found the feet to be the most responsive as they were extremely sensitive. By alternating the pressure on the reflexes she found that they had a more therapeutic effect. Eunice mapped out the whole body on the feet and reflexology was born.

What happends in a session

As every person is different so is each pregnancy, during your first session we will take time to talk about your pregnancy. Together we will decide on a personalised programme to meet you individual needs allowing you to achieve maximum benefits from your sessions.
Sessions begin with a gentle massage of the feet. Using hands we will apply gentle pressure on the reflex points in the feet to bring about a deep sense of relaxation and balance.

Benifts of pregnancy reflexology

In the video, from A.O.R, a mother explains how she benefited from regular reflexology treatments throughout her pregnancy. To view the video CLICK HERE

A Few Kind Words

"Jane came to my home to give me a reflexology treatment which was excellent as I was 36 weeks pregnant at the time and finding it hard to get out and about easily! I found Jane to be calm, professional, knowledgeable and excellent at reflexology. After Jane left I had the longest most settled sleep in a very long time, if I could, I'd have Jane give me reflexology every day! It was a wonderful experience and I would whole heartedly recommend her"
From K. Keen Sidcup

My home pregnancy reflexology experience with Jane was absolutely fantastic.
Jane is very professional and brought in her own massage couch to set up in my bedroom.
The treatment was very calm and relaxing and she would explain what she is doing and what she has found and makes recommendations on how you can also help improve those areas yourself.
Thank you so much Jane. I am really looking forward to my next treatment :)
Irene, Eltham

"Thank you Jane, I had a fantastic treatment, I slept like a baby"
L. Cameron from South East London

"Really relaxing and enjoyable. My painful feet felt brand new after reflexology session"
Lauren Orpington

To find out how reflexology can be adapted to meet your needs please feel free to email me


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