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calm parent - calm baby

  Welcome to Altree Rose

A Calm Mum equals

 a Calm Baby



 If you are pregnant or have a baby in your arms.  You are now a parent!

Are you feeling slightly overwhelmed with the changes of pregnancy,  feeling a little bit out of control? 

Can only imagine how it would feel to be stress-free, relaxed. Being calm during your pregnancy and as a mother will affect how your baby response to life.

A calm mum equals a Calm baby


If you want to gain confidence, discover your hidden strength, become the mother you chose to be.


The one that’s right for you and your family 


 Our nurturing classes and sessions, I will be there to support you on when it gets tough and for the good bits. As we create our own community and celebrate being imperfect.

We all know the importance of relaxing, reducing our stress levels. It’s on your to do list but there’s never any time. Our gentle Pregnancy Reflexology helps you quickly reach a sense of deep relaxation. Leaving you feeling Calm, Relaxed and Refreshed.

Are you ready for a baby? Think so but have a few questions. Our baby confidence course is here for you, exploring all aspects of living with a new-born. There is no one method to suit everyone, keeping an open mind, you may find the golden nugget that will work for you and your family. We end every session with a period of relaxation. Leaving you feeling Calm and Confident and Ready for motherhood

Our nurturing baby massage classes will fill you both with love.  Your gentle touch relaxes, soothes and eases your baby. With my guidance you will gain confidence, leaving you both Calm, Relaxed and Ready for life

There is a big world for your little ones to explore, now they can move, why sit still. Welcome to our Milestone Classes. A gentle combination of baby massage, reflexology, and yoga. with gentle movement, play, and songs we encourage babies with their early milestones, mindful that babies develop at different rates. Knowing the importance of selfcare we have a small section just for you. Using your breath and guided meditation we slow down the pace. Leaving you and baby feeling Calm, Relaxed and Ready for motherhood

You've been a massive part of our journey so far. From being pregnant making me feel calm and confident for the birth of Enfys. Helping me relax with reflexology and spending time talking about my mummy fears and reassuring me i'm doing it all right, 

Caroline and Enyfs

I'm convinced it was the reflexology that helped with my short labour and the baby massage has been a great way to bond and help George with his sleeping! "
 She truly understands both pregnancy and those  making you feel comfortable and relaxed

 For the last year, our Wednesday classes have been a real highlight of Isabella and my week. I have gone from a nervous first time mum to full of confidence. My daughter has become a very happy giggly little lady that is confident. So glad we found you 

Zoe and Isabella

Amy and George from Bromley


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