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"The first wealth is health"


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About Me

Hello and Congratulations!!

You may be at the start of your journey or finding your feet as a new mum. Either way, we’re, ‘here if you need’ . Motherhood is a huge transformation. Adjusting is not always easy! It takes time and support.


The journey of Parenthood is like a roller coaster of emotions. You can be feeling on top of the world then; someone steps in with their opinion and you crash into a world of doubt!


People ask, “How are you feeling?” without thinking you reply, “fine”. In your head, the answer is very different. You’re NOT fine - you’re not sure you can do this, you love your baby but really want some time to yourself, you’re so tired and you’re not even sure you have any clean knickers for tomorrow!”

I remember all those feelings, the doubts of not being good enough. Feeling lonely, everyone was carrying on with their lives and mine had come to a standstill, yet been turned upside down. Who was I?



My passion for supporting mums from pre-pregnancy through to the first year of their child’s life was ignited.


With reflexology and unique classes, I feel I am able to meet the needs of your babies, with elements of self-care for the mums.

My Story

I am so lucky, to have spent the last 20 years supporting and guiding families. Experience has led me to believe all families are individual, only by combining the theory with the family situations do you find the solution.


Using my knowledge of health and wellbeing, child development and Maternity Care, I have created nurturing classes, for mums and babies.

Over the last few years, I have had some amazing opportunities. Using space in the Glades Shopping Centre, Bromley, I was able to run a baby hub, for new mums.

I invited a wide range of experts and businesses along to share their knowledge. Giving mums the information, they desired as well as the confidence to explore their new identity as mothers.


These included: Daisy first Aid; Osteopath; Maternity Voice Project and Bobbi Brown.


Working with an amazing lady Sarah, we ran ‘Mistletoes for Xmas’. Creating Christmas cards to raise awareness and money for Bromley and Croydon Women’s Aid.


I held a pregnancy reflexology workshop at Greenwich University.


Trained and volunteered as a peer support for breastfeeding.

I have been a part of the Lewisham, Bromley and Bexley


Dyslexia Association Committee, arranging events for local dyslexic children  


I Help to organise a back to netball club – and found I actually love playing and being part of a team. I wish more team sport were available to girls and girls were encouraged to participate!


This year I really would like to become more conscious of how my daily actions affect our world. My first step is to try and use less plastic in our classes. I will carry on using my current equipment but I commit to not buying any new plastic toys.

I would love to see you at one of our classes or Workshops.

As mums we need support. Each day we are faced with new challenges and rewards, we need our cheerleaders and someone with a hug if necessary.


We have all heard the saying it takes a community to raise a child. My aim is to build that community with love and respect.