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"The first wealth is health"




An exciting program that gives you an opportunity to discuss any questions or fears you may have about becoming a mother while learning some of the very practical skills necessary for parenthood. I know from my many years of experience, one method doesn’t fit all. This is a perfect opportunity for you to explore the many methods, creating one that works for your own family.

You know relaxation is important and valuable yet finding the time each day is nearly impossible.


Feeling slightly overwhelmed with all the stuff you are meant to know about being a parent. There are so many demands put on us, expectations for us to live up to. It is no wonder you feel overwhelmed or unprepared for your baby’s arrival.


If you want to feel more, in control, relaxed and ready for your new life as a parent


Come and join us for a weekly bite-size practical information around new parenting and then enjoy a blissful meditation



An idea of some of the topics we will cover:


  • Sleep yours and babies - survival and routine

  • Feeding you and baby - eating to nourish your body, different feeding options for baby 

  • How to bath a baby - build your confidence so you are ready to hold and clean a slippery, wiggly baby 

  • Nappy changing -  preparation is key, what do you do when you have a poo explosion!

  • Babywearing - it may be the key to getting things done

  • Relationships - keeping grandparents under control, ways your partner can support you.

These are just a few topics, Our aim is to explore different options so you can confidently develop your own unique style of parenting.


All we ask is you keep an open mind and be respectful of each other's views. We are all individuals lets embrace our differences.  


Then it’s time to show you and your baby some love as you and layback relax

Our relaxation routine can be used during your labour, birth and beyond!!



Now you are preparing for the journey of parenthood, not just the birth...

Every Monday 7 pm - 8 pm we will be at Kooks Studio,


Beckenham Place Mansion, BR3 1SY

Cost: £15  per session

£5 discount for members of the Altree Rose Family

Calm Confident Parent