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An Antenatal Course to Suit You

So much choice, so much conflicting advice…

It may be just starting to feel real - you’re having a baby! Exciting times but in the quiet times when your mind begins to wonder, questions start to arise. 

Breath, we have got you


Decision don’t need to be made straight away. Keep an open mind and explore all the possibilities.


It isn’t either  - or, just options.


Our small class will allow you to discover what kind of parent you would like to be.

We can discuss the pros and cons of a hospital birth vs home birth. Of pain relief.

How to use hypnobirthing for calm birth, alongside standard pain relief or no pain relief.

Feeding options – the choice is always yours!


APPROACHING BIRTH – Sunday 3rd February, 5pm—7pm

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • what to expect as your due date approaches

  • signs and symptoms of labour (and the false alarms)

  • the physiology of labour

  • pain relief options – pros and cons.


The session will be run by:


Ann Malynn RN, RM

Ann is a NHS practicing midwife at the Princess Royal Hospital (you may have met Ann at the early pregnancy event).


She has gained a vast amount of experience in her 40-year career. 


Ann has a particular interest in assisting parents in actively understanding and preparing for labour, as well as providing postnatal support.

HYPNOBIRTHING & SELF-CARE – Sunday 10th February, 5pm—7pm

In this session, you’ll learn hypnobirthing techniques to prepare you for a calm, confident and empowering birth experience, wherever and however you choose to give birth.


You’ll learn about:


  • visualization

  • emotions

  • self-protection

  • the important role dads can play during labour.


This session will be run by:

Raechel from Calm Mama

Our qualified hypnobirthing teacher.

Rea believes all mums-to-be should be informed to make the right choice for you and your baby.


Sunday 17th February, 5pm—7pm

This session will cover:

  • burns

  • bleeding

  • choking

  • CPR

  • head injuries

  • fractures

  • the recovery position

  • unconscious casualty.


It will be run by:

Tracey from Daisy First Aid

Tracey is a mum and has been working as a NHS paramedic for 15 years.


She passionately believes that every parent should have some basic paediatric first aid knowledge to help protect their children.


Sunday 24th February, 5pm—7pm

This is a hands-on session which focuses on preparing you for looking after your newborn baby – a period known as the 4th trimester.


We will be joined by all the experts from the other antenatal sessions: practising midwife Ann Malynn, hypnobirthing specialist Rea from Calm Mama, and paediatric first-aider Tracey from Daisy First Aid.

We will cover:

  • how to create a calming birth environment

  • Safe sleeping

  • feeding options and common questions

  • changing nappies

  • dressing a baby

  • bathing your newborn

  • making up a bottle in the dark.


You will also learn about the importance of relaxation and self-care during this period with an introduction to reflexology.


This session will be run by:

Choose the Sessions You Want


With access to a variety of local experts who wish to share their knowledge and experience, the course allows you the chance to explore all the possibilities available to you.


Either sign up for the full course or pick and choose the sessions you want.

Our groups are small, giving you the chance to ask as many questions as you wish, with plenty of opportunity to establish new friendships.


Our Session run every month, starting on the 1st Sunday and running for four  consecutive Sundays

Take a look at the sessions on offer:

Jane Altree

Jane is a qualified reflexologist with twenty-five years’ experience as a nanny and fifteen as a mother.


She now runs Altree Rose, providing baby massage and mother and baby wellbeing classes and managing the Baby Hub in The Glades, Bromley.


Jane is passionate about supporting mums from pre-pregnancy through to the first year of their child’s life.


Our course is held in the Glades Shopping Centre, Bromley Upper Mall, in the soft play, next to New Look from 5pm -7pm.


Being surrounded by restaurants and cafes means you can grab something to eat before or after the class. Almost a night out!

Other Dates

All courses are on Sunday at 5pm-7pm at the Glades Shopping Centre

February: 3rd,10th, 17th, 24th 

April: 7th,14th,28th and May 2nd

June: 7th,14th,21st and 28th



Individual sessions: £70 for each session (includes a mum-to-be and birth partner)

Book the 4-week course: £275 (for a mum-to-be and birth partner)

The course should be paid in full before the start of the 1st session.

Alternatively, pay a £75 deposit on booking the course, followed by four instalments of £50.