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Baby Massage

Calm Confident Parents

I’m a qualified and experienced teacher and I’ll show you the loving strokes of baby massage. My course has been accredited by the Royal College of midwives and follows a logical sequence, ensuring the quality of the massage.

The classes are baby-led. Though we would like our babies to run to our schedule, in reality, we know this doesn’t always happen! If your baby cries during the session, you’re encouraged to attend to their needs. It is important to remember that no one is there to judge you, only support.


Why baby massage

The loving stokes of baby massage:


·  strengthen and secure the bond between parent and baby

·  stimulate the production of the hormone oxytocin, which has a calming effect on the body and helps relieve common ailments such as teething and colic

· lower your baby’s stress and help them sleep more soundly

· improve the immune function to help prevent illness. 


What happens at baby massage?


After everybody is welcomed to the group, we prepare ourselves by taking deep breaths. This clears our minds so we can allow this time to be solely about us and our babies.


You’ll undress your baby as this allows lots of skin-on-skin contact. However, some babies won’t like being undressed – this is fine and variation can be made. Your baby is massaged on a soft cushioned mat in front of you.


During the massage, we sing or say rhymes. Your baby loves hearing the sound of your voice. Communicating with your baby enables you to learn their ‘cues’ and reinforces your bond.

After each massage class, there is plenty of time to ask questions and make friendships with other mums. This time is about you and your baby, and we never forget this. I work with you to ensure both you and your baby achieve the maximum benefit from the class.


At the end of the six-week course, you’ll be presented with a certificate of completion and we celebrate together!

















Our Courses


 Joining us on Wednesday11.15 - 12.15  

Our next course starts on 13th November


The Chantry Studios

Chantry Lane




Our six-week course is £60, including a small bottle of oil, handouts and a certificate.


Some mums prefer me to come to you. You and four friends or more could learn the gift of massage in the comfort of your own home


"My baby Holly and I attended Jane's class and really enjoyed it. Holly enjoyed being massaged and it was a lovely relaxed way to spend time together. Jane is a great teacher and totally understanding of baby's needs which put us at ease. Jane is also a reflexologist and I have had pre and postnatal treatments with her which always leave me feeling better. I would recommend Jane for both baby massage and reflexology.

Katy Smith Chislehurst

”I attended with my 4 month old boy, the experience was amazing, Harrison loved his massages and was very vocal about it � Jane is an amazing teacher and me feel very welcome. The materials provided were really useful and a lovely touch! I would recommend to all new mums!!


 ” Jane's class was good fun and really beneficial. The technique were easy to use and helped my little boy with wind. "