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Online Baby MassageCourse




On the birth of your beautiful baby.


Everyone has gone back to work and life is returning to normal. For someone so small they are very demanding and for the next 9 hours, you now have sole responsibility for this little person.


That’s a lot of time to kill …. Just you and your baby!


You would take them to a class, but the classes are at the wrong times. Every time you try to leave the house your baby needs a feed, or a change, usually both. You’re not sure if you’re ready to feed in public and you have the dread in the pit of your stomach that your baby will be the one crying and all the mums will be looking at you.



These are natural concerns of most new mothers. In time when you and your baby have got to know each other a little better and feeding becomes easier – you will be ready to face the world.

Until then why not try a baby massage in your own home? With a series of videos, we can guide you through the routine. Every time you massage your baby you help their brain to develop. You can do that - with a simple message!


The loving strokes will help strengthen your unique bond, whilst relaxing you both. After, you both may even feel like a snooze - one of the advantages of being in your own home.

The course is a series of 5 videos each focussing on an area of the body


Our recommendation is to work through the routine adding a different section adding a new section when you are ready.

Remember this will be a completely new experience for your baby - the aim is to relax not to over stimulate. Take your time and enjoy!


Included in the course are complete written instructions. Plus, rhythm and song sheets. These will be emailed directly to you along with a password to access them via our website.



Of course, we will be ‘here if you need’ please feel free to email us with any question.



                                                           Series of 5 videos                worth £60

                                                  Password accessing all

                                          the information on our website       worth  £50 


I will there to answer any question you may have throughout the course             




                                                      Altree Rose Baby massage course £30




To book your online course                                 and Start receiving your massage videos the following Thursday

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