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Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The first wealth is health"


As soon as you realise you have something precious growing inside of you, you become a mum.  Whatever stage of the journey you are on, congratulations and welcome to a journey like no other!


Life is fast paced, its no different if you are pregnant or a mum, being busy and stress is the norm.  We are often so busy being busy we don’t realise how stressed we are.


Is this healthy?




Is this effecting, our health and families?




I know you think as a mother you should always put your babies needs first. Our instinct is to protect and meet our baby’s needs. I completely understand. 


But if we constantly put ourselves second how does that effect, our babies?


Our stress may increase, the levels of cortisol in our blood rise triggering our flight or fight response. We may find it difficult to meet out our baby needs, our energy levels drop, levels of concentration are lowered. We begin to question everything; the weight of parenting takes hold. Physically you ache, your digestive system is sluggish, you may have frequent headaches and the world around becomes hazy.


Is this the way you want to feel?


You don’t have to. You can choose a different path, one of self- love


Which will support you through the changes.

You probably feel there is not enough time for you. We are led to believe that spending time on ourselves is indulgent, not important.

That’s is why it's hard for you to invest your time and money on you, but what if you don’t?


What happens if you become ill or your anxiety levels rise, and you are unable to look after your family?


Take charge of your health with reflexology and notice the improvement to:

  • Your energy

  • The quality of your sleep

  • Your mental capability

  • How you deal with the challenges of pregnancy/parenting.


During a reflexology session, you feel a sense of deep relaxation. Restoring balance and calm. By stimulating the reflexes, we can access the whole body, giving relief to minor elements such as; headaches, digestive problems, hay fever, etc.


Reflexology is not a luxury   


As mothers we have a responsibility to show our children the value of self-love, then when we are unable to wrap our arms around them - they will always feel loved.


Increase your well being and book your session at:


"Jane came to my home to give me a reflexology treatment which was excellent as I was 36 weeks pregnant at the time and finding it hard to get out and about easily! I found Jane to be calm, professional, knowledgeable and excellent at reflexology. After Jane left I had the longest most settled sleep in a very long time, if I could, I'd have Jane give me reflexology every day! It was a wonderful experience and I would whole heartedly recommend her" 
From K. Keen Sidcup

Kathryn Keen Bromley

“My home pregnancy reflexology experience with Jane was absolutely fantastic. 
Jane is very professional and brought in her own massage couch to set up in my bedroom.
The treatment was very calm and relaxing and she would explain what she is doing and what she has found and makes recommendations on how you can also help improve those areas yourself.
Thank you so much Jane. I am really looking forward to my next treatment "


"Really relaxing and enjoyable. My painful feet felt brand new after reflexology session"

Lauren from Orpington


Relax  Refresh

& Ready for life

The comfort of your Home

Strawberry House Clinic

Strawberry House Clinic

12a Station Road



Choosing a time to suit you and your family.

When your baby is napping


In the evening after work



A brief outline for some research on the use of reflexology in pregnancy and the perinatal period:


Two studies have shown that reflexology in pregnancy significantly reduced pain during labour (1,2) and reduces the length of the first stages of labour (1)


One study showed that 6 weekly treatments of reflexology prior to giving birth for women who experienced low back and/or pelvic gridle pain during their pregnancy significantly reduced the second stage of labour by 44.3 minutes. (3)


One study has shown reduced pain and stress levels during labour for women with low back or pelvis girdle pain, (4)


Foot reflexology was found to have aa positive effect in lowering the total anxiety scores of women in labour.(5)


One study showed improved quality of sleep in post- natal women. (6)



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